Committee Factsheet


  1. I have very little time. How can I help without committing long-term? If you can spare 1hr a week, month or quarter – you can be a real help. Could you be a parent helper at any of our events? Could you set up tables for the shopping evening, blow up balloons for the disco, phone and book an entertainer, design a poster, wash up? Could you come along to a meeting and offer some ideas for fundraising activities? There are lots of ways to help that can take as little or as much time as you can offer.

  2. What have I got to offer? All tasks can be shared between existing members and new members, so no experience is necessary. Some members find working on the committee gives them a chance to discover new skills and abilities, which we fully support; other members have invaluable industry skills acquired before parenthood and find that being on the committee is a good way of keeping those skills up to date if they have taken a break from paid work.

  3. What if I get something wrong? There are no right or wrong ways of doing things – it's all common sense and no one works by themselves – events are always run by 2 or 3 committee members and support is always available from other members.

  4. Aren’t the committee members all friends? How will I fit in? There is a social side to the committee – people often join as a great way to meet other parents. Friendships often form, but we are always open to making new friends and welcome new members or helpers.

  5. The formality concerns me. Do I need to know how to run a business? There are some formal aspects to managing the Pre-school but these are dealt with by the Trustees (5 elected committee members who have volunteered to take on official roles and 'run the business' side of the Pre-school). There is no need to be involved in this type of activity unless you want to.

  6. Committee Member or Parent Helper, what’s the difference? Committee members are elected and help run activities and events to raise funds for the pre-school. Non-committee members are called 'Parent Helpers' they can help on an informal basis with fundraising, serving snacks during pre-school or on trips and visits.

    The Committee consist of no more than 12 elected members. It has five trustees who run the finances and many management aspects of the pre-school. There are three official posts - Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, which have defined roles.

  7. How often are meetings and do I have to attend? Committee meetings are held every 6-8 weeks in the training room, where coffee and biscuits are provided. Committee members have to attend at least 3 committee meetings a year. Parent Helpers do not have to attend meetings but are always very welcome, as are any parents. During the meetings ideas are shared, items to be purchased are discussed and fundraising activities are organised. Elected Trustee Members meet once a month to discuss the business activities of the pre-school.