As a legal requirement the pre-school have adopted a set of guidelines. These procedures and documents are constantly evaluated and updated in order to maintain our high standards of care. Below is a list of the areas covered in our current policies. You may ask to view our Policy Documents at any time. For further details please contact the pre-school.

Admissions policy
Admissions procedure
Admission of medicine policy
Behaviour management policy
Child abuse procedure
Child protection policy
Complaints procedure
Confidentiality policy
Curriculum planning policy
Disciplinary and grievance procedure for pre-school employees
Emergency plan
Employing staff policy
Equality and diversity policy
Equipment and resources policy
Fire evacuation procedure
Food and drink policy
Fund raising for other charities policy
Head lice policy
Health and safety policy
Intruder on premises policy
Leaving and collecting policy/procedure
Lost child procedure
No smoking policy
Non-collection of children policy
Non-payment of fee policy
Outings policy
Parental involvement policy
Photograph policy
Special educational needs/disability policy
Settling in pre-school policy
Sick child policy
Staff induction procedure
Staffing and employment policy
Student induction procedure
Student placement policy
Responsibilities List